How it works?

Why Choose AIM Planning?

Reduce time spent on Planning tasks such as calculations, Purchase Orders and weekly adjustments.

Reduce inventory costs caused by excess and stockouts.

Very simple Setup!



Simple Reordering

Reduce your time spent creating Request for Quotes or Purchases Orders. The AIM app will consolidate them by supplier and send them.

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Improve Customer Service & Sales

Reduce product shortages with a more accurate forecast that protects you against unexpected changes in demand.

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Reduce Inventory Costs

Have peace of mind with a self-learning forecast, that adjusts as your demand increases or decreases and avoids inventory excess.

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Better Inventory Visibility

Add better reports and tools to measure your inventory levels vs. your customer demand.

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Easy Setup

Answer a few questions, and you can have the app running. No need to hire a consultant or run complicated formulas.

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Adjust the tool to meet your specific business requirements.

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Forecast Adjustment Sensitivity

The AIM Planning tool will adjust the forecast each time you run it based on how accurate it was. It compares your demand vs. your forecast and learns from it. This is very helpful because it increases or decreases the forecast when your products demand is on an upper or lower trend. It also takes into account your ordering and inventory costs.

Factors Adjust The Program To Your Specific Needs
Statistical Formulas Analyze Each Item Every Time You Order
Years Of Experience Designing and Implementing Planning Tools.

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